Faculty & Staff 给


Over the past five years, University of Detroit Mercy’s Faculty & Staff Giving Program has raised more than $1 million dollars. This level of financial support provides funding for programs and initiatives that make a significant impact on the Detroit Mercy educational experience. Faculty & Staff 给 also reinforces the message that Detroit Mercy's community is strong and vibrant and that the University’s mission is worthy of investment. A financially strong 底特律 Mercy leads to more funding sources. Your gift, no matter the size, makes a powerful statement — your participation is what matters most.




教职员工 Campaign Brochure

You can support your passion with a one-time annual gift or enroll in the Faculty & Staff Payroll Deduction Program. Enrolling in the Program allows your $5 gift to increase over a 26-month pay period to an annual $130 contribution to the fund or funds of your choice. Use the “How Much Should I 给” tool to help you decide your contribution level.