Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness (IR&E). The IR&E Office is the official source for all institutional reporting. We act as a resource and information repository for all University related data. Our mission is to efficiently collect, analyze and transform data into useful information to support strategic planning, decision-making and assessment across the University. We strive to provide campus leaders, government agencies, education sector organizations as well as current and future students and alumni with accurate and valuable reports.

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    Executive Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness: 雪莱wagnon

    The IR&E office is located on the fifth floor of the Fisher building on the im体育官网,对学术事务和坐标教务长兼副院长报告​​,在校园其他许多办公室工作。  


    电话: 313-993-1588
    传真: 313-993-1534



    • 收集,验证和报告的官方数据和信息的内部和外部使用。 
      • 内部使用:
        • 方案审查
        • 普查登记报告
        • 保留和毕业率
      • 外部用途:
        • 联邦和州级报告
        • 我们。教育部门
        • 用于指导手册或排名出版物
    • 确保通过作为问卷,调查和来自外部的选区报告的交流中心的数据去大学出来的精确性/一致性。
    • 协助维持大学,大专,具体方案 认证资格.
    • 确保在提交的授权统计和评估报告,合规 全国大学生体育协会 (NCAA)。
    • 设计,进行调查并在整个大学的分析结果,以支持研究,评估和发展。
    • 与中心职业和专业发展工作,密切合作,以确保调查结果的完成和评估结果。
    • 作为高等教育委员会(HLC)联络,并提供信息和资源的副总裁负责学术事务上HLC政策和程序的变化。
    • 作为数据标准委员会的负责人,以确保完整性和数据收集和报告的一致性。
    • 有助于我的门户企业的发展和维护其,注册办公室和其他办公室一起。


    The IR&E Office provides institutional data on our website. For information not available on our website, please email the information below to 雪莱wagnon, the director of Institutional Research, at

    The information requested may take from a few days to several weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the request, the availability of information and the workload of IR&E staff at the time of the request. We ask for at least one month notice for requests but please provide as much notice as possible. You will be contacted to discuss your request in more detail.


    • 您的姓名和职务
    • 电话号码
    • 组织/部门/学院
    • 类型的请求(内部或外部)
    • 请求目的
    • 数据使用
    • 重复请求(是或否)
    • 请求截止日期
    • 的请求描述
      • Please describe in detail the report or data needed for this request. Also provide the semesters or time frame you need. The more detail you provide, the quicker your request will be processed. Please state if this information has ever been completed from the IR&E Office previously.